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▷ Because a man is jealous and distrustful Warning signs!

Having a jealous man as a partner can be very complicated, because this could cause several relationship problems. If you want know why a man is jealous stay with me in this article, because I will explain this and much more to you.

Although jealousy can be something normal in a man, you have to understand that going to extremes can be very bad, because jealousy can absolutely return toxic A relationship.

This will result in one day becoming bored and deciding to end the relationship, in case you cannot tolerate a jealous man any longer.

But why is a man jealous

It is very insecure

This is usually one of the main problems that can cause a man be jealous.

Because he will feel the need to be able to take care of you or perhaps that fear of losing you can lead him to think or imagine things that have not happened and will never happen.

jealous man why

When a man is too overprotective, he can choose to have a certain paternalistic state towards you, which in some cases can make you think that without him you can not do anything in life.

But psychologists say that when a man is very jealous in a relationship, This shows that you have very misconceptions about a relationship.

Therefore, they have attitudes that do not fit in a relationship.

He is jealous because you have given him reasons

Just as there are men who are jealous because they have misconceptions about a relationship, there are also guys who have been made jealous.

What I mean by this?

Perhaps, because of having some past experience, either where his partner was unfaithful or because his girlfriend gives other men confidence too quickly, These men come to have more distrust than trust towards their partner.

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Or maybe he didn’t have bad experiences in his past courtships, but he had them with you. Because he knows what you’ve done to him, he’s just behaving like this.

Here we can say that everything has an explanation. These are usually the two most common reasons for because a man is very jealous in a relationship.

Red flags when having a relationship with a jealous man

Limits you

One of the clear signs that every jealous man can show is that he will always limit you to talking to more men or he may even try to prohibit you from maintaining any type of communication with your friends.

If a man goes to these extremes, I’m just saying be careful because you are in a very toxic relationship.

Lose control

When a jealous man loses control, then he has reached a point where his jealousy takes full control of him.

If for any reason you cross a word with another boy or receive a call from a stranger and your boyfriend gets very angry or even out of control, I have to tell you my dear friend that you should get away from him as soon as possible.

If these kinds of things can trigger multiple negative reactions in your partner, it is a clear sign that you are in a toxic relationship.

because my boyfriend is jealous and distrustful

He mistreats you psychologically

In a couples fight, many things can be said and can happen, but in these cases if your partner takes jealousy to another level, where I could end up offending you.

This is something you should be very careful about!

Because if you don’t put a limit on it or don’t end the relationship, you will be giving room for your partner to treat you as he pleases. This is no longer a romantic relationship, but is some kind of psychological disorder.

I hope this article makes it clear to you because a man is jealous and what are the warning signs in this type of relationship.

If you want to contribute something, leave me your comment below that I will gladly answer you.

Until next time!

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