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▷ How to know if my ex-boyfriend still loves me or not (CHECK IT)

I can tell you that there is no exact answer about how to know if my ex boyfriend still loves me, but there are certain things that can tell us that things between the two of you have not yet died and that your ex boyfriend may still have feelings for you.

Because I think the normal thing is that on more than one occasion you ask yourself if your ex-boyfriend really feels something for you or not anymore, because it can be confusing how you can be dying of love for your ex-boyfriend even when he doesn’t give you no sign.

Although the clues that your ex boyfriend will give you will not be so obvious or direct, you must learn to read them and know the smallest details, because only then can you be clear about whether you have opportunities or not.

I want to know if my ex boyfriend still loves me

Your ex won’t walk away

A natural reaction that every ex-boyfriend can have in these cases is to behave in a strange way, to the point that he can avoid you as if you were crazy or something similar.

But when your ex boyfriend is not one of those men, I think it is more than clear that he may be open to having some kind of communication with you, which means that you may have some chance to get it back.

how to know if my ex still loves me

When a man really does not want to know anything about you, then he will avoid you completely, no messages, no calls or even seeing you somewhere he can completely avoid you.

But if he still talks to you and is attentive to you, This can be very positive.

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Ask for you

To be able to have a clear sign that your ex boyfriend is still interested in you, you only have to avoid him for a couple of weeks and you will see how he will look for mutual friends or a friend of yours to ask about you.

As we discussed above, if your ex boyfriend no longer felt anything, then he would not show any kind of interest.

But if this is not your case and your ex consults for you, This can give us an idea that your ex boyfriend always thinks of you.

Remember that this is just a simple sign and it is not something that confirms that he is still dying for you.

my ex still loves me I want to check it

Still tells you nice things

It could be that your ex asks you out or that the two of you are somewhere, and that your ex boyfriend tells you that that color looks good on you or that you are more beautiful than before or similar things.

Things like this can have a double meaning. If your ex boyfriend always says something nice to you when you see you, he certainly still loves you.

Perhaps you have not given him the opportunity for him to dare to fight for you, but it is certain that he feels something.

Trust me, if your ex boyfriend still loves you, then it will do very simple things for you to give it the corresponding meaning.

Now if you think that he will show up with a teddy bear at your door or that he will bring you roses, forget it because this will never happen.

I want to know if my ex boyfriend still loves me

Has you added to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the social networks that is most used today. If your ex boyfriend has not blocked you or in any case on more than one occasion sends you a message, this is also a positive thing.

In another article I talked about how an ex only adds you to their social networks to be able to make you understand that you are no longer part of their life, placing photos with other women, or phrases with very clear hints.

But if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t do these kinds of things and doesn’t give you reasons to block him, then you can have the door open to recover it.

I hope these tips are useful to you, and you know how to differentiate when he no longer loves you and when your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you.


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