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▷ How to know if my ex still loves me DISCOVER IT! (Updated)

There are many women who write to me asking how to know if my ex still loves me feeling things for me. We will talk about that today in this article.

Ending a relationship doesn’t always turn out in the worst possible way. Many times you and your ex end up getting along quite well and they can still love you and treat you almost the same way they did when they were together.

A break need not necessarily be made in poor condition. Sometimes relationships end in pretty good condition allowing the old couple to keep their feelings between the two but as friends.

That is why below we will talk about some of the signs that may indicate that that person is still feeling things for you. In addition, we will give you tips that you can follow.

how to know if your ex still loves you

Signs that your ex still loves you

When your ex still loves you it is very easy to realize, because he keeps showing the same feelings and he keeps treating you the same way he did when you were together. Many times he can even tell you.

On many occasions, after a breakup, a friendship is maintained with great trust and love.

This is simply a friendship in disguise where in reality one of the people or both still love each other but do not know how to express it.

exist many signs that you can capture very easily that they come to indicate that your old partner still loves you. Next, you will know some of them.

how to know if my ex boyfriend still loves me

#one. Her attitude towards you remains the same or even better

Realizing this is nothing to write home about, you just realize that their actions as well as their words remain the same as when they were together.

Improving the way he talks and treating you is a sign that he seriously wants to try things with you again.

If you feel that your ex is keeping an eye on you, he is in constant contact with you and when he talks to you he does it in a very loving way, so he definitely still loves you.

#two. Cares for you

It is very easy to notice when a person cares about us since they ask us things like:

  • How was your day?
  • How are you?
  • Have you eaten?

Among other questions or phrases that tell us that he still cares about us.

#3. Shows you that she still loves you

If your ex not only does this only with words but also with actions such as bringing you flowers, giving you chocolates, walking you home and taking care of you, then he definitely still loves you without a doubt.

If he frequently tells you that he remembers you, that he loves you, that he would really like to be with you again and he not only shows it with words but also shows it, It is an infallible sign that he really still loves you.

The three aforementioned signs are the main ones that we must take into account in order to know by our own criteria if our ex still loves us.

how to know if my ex boyfriend still loves me

What do in this situation

Without a doubt, going through this situation is not easy and can be quite complicated, but it is not a big deal either.

If you feel that your ex still loves you and you also want to have a relationship with that person again then you should just talk to him or her.

When the case is based on both parties wanting to return to the relationship then they will have no problem starting over. The best thing in these cases is for them to speak up and fix the problems they ended up with the first time around so they don’t have to go through that again.

If your ex still loves you but you don’t still feel the same about that person and you don’t want to go back, the best thing you can do in this case is to clarify things. In this way you will avoid illusioning that person and you will save him a lot of suffering and bad times.

In case you want to return but are not completely sure of the situation, the ideal is to take time to meet again, that is, start everything from the beginning to see how things can turn out.

If they take time to try again, they have to try to do it well, all the past problems have to be fixed to prevent them from having a negative influence on the relationship.

We hope we have answered your Ask about how to know if my ex still loves me. If so, we would appreciate it if you share this article on social networks to help other women who may be having the same questions as you.