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▷ How to stop suffering for my ex boyfriend if I still love him

When you still suffer for your ex boyfriend This can be a clear symptom that you still cannot digest the idea that things between the two of you are over, and if you want to stop having a very bad time for your ex boyfriend, then you have to do something about it.

Of course, it should also be mentioned that forgetting an ex from one day to the next is impossible, but at least with the passing of time you should feel much better, and accept the break between the two.

But if you still haven’t made great strides, here are a couple of tips to help you do not continue suffering for your ex boyfriend, and you can overcome it once and for all.

Tips to stop suffering for your ex boyfriend

Control your thoughts

When you can’t understand why did your ex boyfriend break up with you, then you will think about your ex 50% to 65% of the day.

This is very bad friend, because it means that you spend more than 12 hours thinking about your ex boyfriend.

How do you want to forget him if most of your time you only think about him or the moments you spent together?

Tips to stop suffering for your ex boyfriend

In order to overcome the break, what you must do is Eliminate that obsession with your ex boyfriend.

I don’t know what you will do, but the first moment you notice that you are thinking about your ex again, you will have to find a way to eliminate that thought in the first seconds, because only in this way will your brain know that it does not have to remind you.

For you, this may be very silly advice, but if you want to overcome it, thinking about it as little as possible is the best.

Don’t check your ex boyfriend’s social media

This can be one of the bad habits that every woman can feed.

Despite your ex boyfriend deleted or blocked you, you will look for the possible means to at least see his profile picture, because this somehow calms you down.

If you want to stop suffering for your ex, do not check their networks

But this is very bad friend because by doing this you are also repeating what we mentioned before: you yourself are looking for the means to think about your ex most of the time.

Cutting that bad habit of checking your ex boyfriend’s social networks is the best, because even seeing his profile can be toxic, and much more if he is with another woman.

Be very careful my friend with this point.

Learn to forgive your ex boyfriend

If we human beings have something, it is that in things of love we can all be ignorant, because somehow your brain even though it knows that thinking about your ex-boyfriend hurts you, it will also play against you.

The best solution to be able to alleviate or calm all those emotions you feel for your ex, It will always be learning to forgive him even when you don’t say it up front.

  • If your ex-boyfriend disappointed you, then you have to learn to forgive him.
  • If he did not know how to value what you felt for him and from one moment to another he ended up with you, you must also forgive him.

stop suffering for an ex tips

It will seem crazy friend, but when you from the bottom of your soul let go of your ex boyfriend and let him go, believe me you can stop suffering for your ex boyfriend.

This is something that psychologists use either to overcome the love grief or the loss of a relative

This will undoubtedly also be a piece of advice that you have to apply perfectly, because in order to continue with your life, forgiving your ex is something necessary.

Now you know what you were doing wrong

I hope that by reading these three simple tips, you have a clear idea of ​​what you should not do or vice versa, because we will always find a way ourselves to be able to hurt ourselves without realizing it.

Getting over your ex boyfriend and stopping suffering for love is not an easy thing, but it is possible to achieve it over time.

Luck friend!

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