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▷ I see my ex boyfriend every day, how do I get over it?

Many readers of the blog ask me privately: I see my ex boyfriend every day and I don’t know what to do. How do I get over it?

That is why I decided to write this article, because no one is free to go through this situation

Sometimes it will be for work or they just go to the same university, and this is where everything gets complicated. For no woman it will be easy to know what to do in this type of situation, Because seeing your ex boyfriend will always be awkward.

Everything can get much more complicated, when somehow your coworkers or college colleagues know that they have finished, and this can lead to the occasional gossip about their breakup.

But here I will tell you what is the best thing to do if you see your ex boyfriend every day, no matter if you still love him or not anymore.

What do I do if I see my ex boyfriend every day

Don’t put your ex boyfriend in a difficult situation

I remember very well the case of a friend from work who went through this situation. In this opportunity, my friend made the mistake of speaking very badly about her ex boyfriend, to the point of saying that it was his fault that things ended between the two.

But the reality of the matter was not like that. If in this case you just want to speak ill of your ex boyfriend so as not to show yourself vulnerable, this can be a big mistake.

What to do if I have to keep seeing my ex

Because in that case that I just mentioned to you, finally my friend returned with her ex-boyfriend, and everyone at work didn’t understand how they came back, if she spoke ill of the one who is now is with her.

Do you understand where I’m going my friend?

Don’t hurt your ex boyfriend

If things ended with your ex boyfriend and you have to see him every day, then in this case you do not have to show that the break has affected you in a great way, because if you do this it will only play against you, and I doubt that with this attitude you can recover it.

Of course, if you have mutual friends or co-workers, it is best to show that you are okay, as difficult as it may be, because showing that you are not can lead your ex boyfriend to think many things about you.

Learn not to show yourself weak to others. Sure, you shouldn’t laugh like you’re crazy, but you should at least show that you have full control of the situation.

what do i do if i see my ex boyfriend every day how i get over it helps

Don’t ignore your ex boyfriend

In several articles I have read that when you see your ex boyfriend every day, zero contact it will be advice that you will have to forget because it will not work for you, and it is best to apply another advice.

Because if now every time you run into your ex boyfriend you just ignore him, or when he approaches you you only end up rejecting him, this could also be a bad strategy to apply.

If you don’t love it anymore, then you have to make up your mind that you will see it every day, and if you still want to get it back, then you also have to understand that you have two options.

  • The first is to complicate everything even more by ignoring it
  • Or you can learn to control the situation and establish some kind of communication with your ex boyfriend

I don’t know what decision you will make, but what I am sure of is that if you ignore your ex boyfriend, this will only make things between the two of you more awkward.

I have to see my ex boyfriend every day - how do I get over it

Who loses who

If you have to apply something from the day your ex breaks up with you, it is that your ex boyfriend is the one who has decided to break up, and now you can do with your life what you want.

If you now think that the best thing to do is lock yourself up in the four walls of your room, then my friend you are making a big mistake.

Now you can go out with her friends and do various things that you couldn’t do before.

It’s just a matter of getting your life back and showing him that he lost you!


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