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▷ My boyfriend tells me that I AM NOT SEXY anymore (Tips)

The attraction in a partner will be of great importance in order to have a solid relationship, but even so we can make the big mistake of not focusing on this point and letting everything die. If your boyfriend has told you that you are no longer attractive, then maybe he may not know how he really feels about you.

I would be a great liar if I told you that attraction is something that only stays alive with love, but this is completely false, because for a man the attractiveness of his partner is that fuel that motivates him to stay by your side.

But when this fuel dies and you lose your appeal then your boyfriend may even come to believe that he no longer loves you, and this will cause the relationship to end up failing.

So if you are wondering what to do if my boyfriend tells me that I am no longer attractive, stay with us, here you will know the answer.

My boyfriend can leave me if he says I’m not attractive anymore

The funny thing about this topic is that your boyfriend can tell you that you are no longer attractive so that you at least take it into account, trying to make it a constructive criticism for the relationship.

But the big problem that can happen is that your boyfriend only uses this as a pretext to be able to break up with you, despite the fact that your attractiveness has not changed and you are a very beautiful woman.

What do I do if my boyfriend says I'm not attractive or pretty anymore

I think if a man really loved you, I would look for other ways for you to focus on your physical appearanceBut if you’ve only said it so that you can create confusion between the two of you, then this may take another turn.

Before thinking that you are no longer the same woman as before, it is best to analyze a little more thoroughly what is happening, and perhaps thus understand what is happening.

The relationship was not very good in recent months

In order to know that your boyfriend is only looking for excuses to be able to end the relationship, something that can give you very good results is know how good the relationship has been in the last days or months.

Because if the attitude that your partner has is not new at all, without a doubt something is happening.

On the other hand, if he from one moment to another has told you that you are no longer the same woman as before but the relationship has not changed, then you should not take it the wrong way.

My boyfriend can leave me if he says I'm not attractive anymore

I can tell you that when a man looks for ways to end the relationship, he will always question whether you are the woman in his life or not.

Many times when he starts to criticize you He does it because he may be comparing you to other women.

This will be what will lead to your partner starting to seek training in order to break up with you. If it is not the first criticism he makes you, unfortunately we can say that your boyfriend will soon be your ex boyfriend …

I do not want you to be sad friend, but my duty is to tell you how they are, so that you open your eyes and can act accordingly.

What should I do in these cases

I am completely sure that you have never entertained the idea that your boyfriend just looks for a way to end the relationship, and up to this point you only have two outputs which are:

  • You can do something about it and try to look more beautiful for your boyfriend
  • See how things evolve and really find out what your boyfriend’s intentions are, because in all this there may be a cat locked up

my ex-partner thinks I'm not pretty anymore

If you try to make yourself look better but he still criticizes you, the best thing to do is ask him what is going on, because it is not healthy at all for your boyfriend to criticize you in a relationship, which are related to your physical appearance.

As always friend, I hope this article makes it clear to you what may be happening in your relationship, and you contemplate the idea that your boyfriend can bring something in his hands, but he is looking for ways to avoid the situation.

If something similar has happened to you, you can also leave me your opinion in the comments section, which will be very helpful to expand this article.


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