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▷ My boyfriend does not get over his ex girlfriend, what do I do? (TIPS)

Many readers of the blog send me this great question: my boyfriend doesn’t get over his ex girlfriend and i don’t know what to do.

If you, friend, are in a situation like this, I really don’t know what expectations you have about the relationship or what future you see for it …

Because when a relationship begins, then you should know that it must begin when both of you are really sure of what they feel.

Otherwise, the two of you will not be on the same page and can never have the relationship you hope for.

If your boyfriend has told you that he still does not get over his ex girlfriend or that he still has feelings for herIn this article I will try to explain to you what can happen and what future you can have with your boyfriend.

My boyfriend doesn't get over his ex, what do I do?

What if my boyfriend doesn’t get over his ex girlfriend

#one. The relationship will never be solid

One of the things you should do, yes or yes, is to sit down and analyze how it was that both of you started the relationship, because if your boyfriend He only saw you as a woman so he could get over his exThen the one who will get hurt from this situation will be you.

Even if you get used to the idea that he can change or even that you can make him forget about his ex, this can be very bad, because he may never forget her and you only have false illusions …

If you think that the relationship will be solid and that it will last for many years, I’m just telling you that if the ghost of your boyfriend’s ex is present in the relationshipthey can never be happy.

Sorry for being so hard on you, my friend, but I have to be honest and tell you the truth so that you can act more wisely.

my boyfriend does not get over his ex

#two. You will always doubt your boyfriend

For you, in some way, it will be difficult for you to know if what your boyfriend tells you he says because he really loves you or he only does it so that you do not realize that he is still thinking about his ex girlfriend.

That is to say that you can never be sure that he really loves you or if he continues with his adventure …

All this sooner or later it will end up destroying the relationship.

You must accept it, you can never be sure how your boyfriend feels about you, when you know he has strong feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

my partner does not get over his ex

#3. Your boyfriend can leave you for his ex

Your boyfriend on more than one occasion may tell you that what he feels for you is stronger than what he feels for his ex, but if he cannot overcome it, the most common thing that can happen is that sooner or later I ended up very confused, to finally end up getting back with his ex.

I don’t want to be negative at this point, but you should consider this option, because anything can happen.

Things can get a lot more complicated when your boyfriend doesn’t try to get over his ex.

What I mean by this?

That your boyfriend can continue talking to his ex girlfriend and this will not mean that he can really get out of doubt and know if he really loves you or not.

When your boyfriend doesn’t make changes in his life, I think you should take all of this as a sign that he doesn’t value the relationship.

does not get over his ex

What do I do if my boyfriend doesn’t get over his ex

For now you only have two options:

  1. The first is to talk to your boyfriend and tell him that the best thing is that clarify how you feel about your ex girlfriend, so that I can truly have a solid relationship with you. Because the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to accept the breakup, if things come to an end.
  2. The second is to pretend nothing is wrong, think that your boyfriend really loves you, and move on with the relationship.

I do not know what you will do, but my advice will always be to apply the first option, to get rid of your doubts and be calm.

I hope this has served you article on what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t get over his ex.

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