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▷ My ex boyfriend doesn’t want to know anything about me, what do I do?

When a relationship fails in the worst way, it is more than normal that your ex boyfriend tells you that he no longer wants to know anything about you or remove you from all social networks to not talk to you.

If you think that this is something that has no solution, I will only tell you that time can be your best ally to be able to reverse these types of actions, because by giving it time and space it will be more than enough for your ex wants to talk to you again.

But I have to tell you that if you are looking for one magic solution to get it backSo you’re just wasting your time, because for your ex boyfriend to change his mind, you really have to let the days go by and give him his space.

Because my ex boyfriend doesn’t want to know anything about me

I cannot give you a clear answer as to why he has taken this attitude, but what I can assure you, is that if your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to youIt’s because somehow you’ve bored him looking for him all day.

Or maybe you just disappointed him, and this has led him to think that he does not want to know anything about you, as a more than normal response to these types of situations.

But what I want to make clear in this article, is that your ex boyfriend made this decision because of the heat of the moment and he did not do it being conscious.

Next, we will give you some tips so that you can recover it. Stay with us.

my ex doesn't want to know anything about me

If you want to get it back, stay away

In this case, what I recommend is that you put yourself in the shoes of your ex boyfriend and for a moment analyze what attitude you would take in this case.

Because if you switch roles, I think it’s more than clear that the least you want to know about him.

You should also take this attitude because if you look for him several times a week to be able to speak or in any case explain what happened, I highly doubt that your ex wants to talk to you, because everything will be very recent and your emotions will not change.

But when you are away from your ex boyfriend for a reasonable time, you will have a much higher chance that your boyfriend will talk to you againThanks to the fact that time has diminished all the negative things that I may feel for you.

help to know why my ex boyfriend does not want to know anything about me

How long should I be away from my ex boyfriend?

This decision will be something very personal, because only you know what it was that led to your boyfriend ending the relationship, and depending on the situation, this will be how long you will have to get away from him.

As a rule, you must apply zero contact for more than 20 days.

Note that this is recommended when the relationship failed due to common things.

But when the relationship ended for more serious issues like a infidelity, for example, bland can be recommended apply more than 40 days of zero contact, because only after this time will you have any chance to talk to him, because before time it will be impossible.

my ex doesn't want to know anything about me

There is no exact rule, but when you feel much calmer and recovered and you think that enough time has passed, you can reconnect with your ex boyfriend, bearing in mind that your reaction will not always be positive.

But in many cases he will avoid you or simply not answer any messages, but insisting once again several days later can leave the door open for your ex to realize that he also wants to talk to you.

I lock you, unlock you

If he has blocked you, do not worry, these are normal things that usually happen after a breakup, give it time, it is important not to enter that game and time will decide.

Don’t you want to know anything about me? What do I do if my ex-boyfriend tells me that he doesn’t want to know anything about me

If your ex boyfriend when looking for him again tells you the same thing and is more than sure about the decision he has made, without a doubt the best will be stop insisting.

Because you can’t afford beg for love, or in any case force someone to love you.

Because when things between the two no longer have a solution, without a doubt stopping insisting will be the best.

Luck friend!

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