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▷ My husband only wants me as a friend

My husband just loves me as a friend … Is this possible? How do I get it back?

One of the main symptoms that indicate that a marriage is going through a bad stage is when your husband tells you that he no longer loves you or may even tell you that now he only sees you as a friend.

This is a clear sign that your relationship may not work again.

But these kinds of things from my point of view are normal, friend, because everything indicates that your marriage is going through a stage where your husband is not entirely sure how he feels about you.

When this happens, you must be clear that you should seek answers before relying on advice to be able to recover it.

my husband loves me as a friend is this possible

Because it will be useless to apply advice from now on to make your relationship work again, If in the end you don’t know why your husband has told you that he only sees you as one more friend.

It’s as if you now have a simple headache, but you take any pill to make that pain go away.

With this friend you will only be trying your luck and you will not know exactly why you have pain, which can be somewhat counterproductive, because you will not attack the root problem.

If you don’t know what you can do now that your husband has told you that he loves you as a friend, then here I will give you some tips that you can apply without any problem.

My husband just wants me as a friend. How do I get it back?

Don’t accept his game

There are women who come to believe that if they agree to be friends with their husband then they will have a much better chance of getting him back.

But the truth is that by agreeing to be friends with your now ex, the only thing you will do is that he no longer sees you as a womanbut they will only see you as a person they can trust.

What do I do if my husband tells me that he loves me as a friend?

If you let your husband’s emotions change, then my friend I’m just saying that you’ll be losing him even more, instead of getting him back.

For nothing in the world should you accept being her friend, because this makes things much worse.

And when you realize you will become a zero in the life of your husband.

Make him regret

If you really want your husband to stop seeing you as a friend, then what I advise is that you try to get the best version of yourself

This can be done by exercising, buying new clothes or using to your advantage everything that one day your partner said he liked about you.

When a man says that now he only sees you as a friend, possibly it is because he has lost his sexual interest.

If you want your husband to see you as a woman again, then you must show him that you are still an attractive lady. Thus, the relationship can work again.

Perhaps for many women this advice is common, but in those cases the important thing is to change how your husband feels about you, because only then will the idea of ​​just being friends change.

Keep some contact

If you have to consider something to get your husband back now, it is that having some contact with your husband is fine, but that doesn’t mean they can talk all day, or even less, when he wants to.

You should know when you think it is good to talk, and when talking alone is unnecessary.

Remember that the more contact you have at this stage, your husband will end up consolidating the idea of ​​only seeing you as a friend and not as a woman.

For that, you must create attraction, so avoid talking to your husband every day, because without realizing it you will end up accepting your husband’s game, and it will be difficult for you to recover it.

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