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▷ USED AND LEFT ME What do I do?

Many readers of the site write to me daily asking me this question: He used me and left me. What do I do?

If you just went through a bad situation where that person you loved so much just used you and left you, stay with me reading this article because I will try to explain how you can do to overcome it.

The fact that that person leaves for no apparent reason and without explanation is something that can be painful.

However, we will give you some recommendations that can help you regain your self-esteem and overcome that lack of love completely.

Tips to get over a person who used and left you

If you feel the frustration and melancholy of a lack of love, where you are constantly repeating yourself used me and left me, just follow these simple tips that can help you cope with this situation.

#one. This is like a duel

It will sound a bit strange, but you can look at this situation as if it were about overcoming a duel for someone who has died. It is just as painful and difficult to cope with, but it is not impossible.

Everything happens in stages. The last stage is acceptance, so do not be afraid to overcome this situation and yourself. You are capable of that and much more.

#two. Not everything is as you think

If the person has walked away without telling you anything, it could be for many reasons that can be both negative and positive.

However, not everything is as you are thinking, unless you get to clarify it with that person.

Many times it happens that they share the same feelings as you, but they move away to avoid causing you any harm that could greatly harm you.

That’s why don’t think that everything is as bad as it seems, even if it is.

What do I do if my ex used me and left me

#3. Clear everything with him

If the above has not been enough for you to be calm, you can try talking to that person and clarify the whole situation of what is happening at that moment between the two.

If possible, try to cut any relationship you have with him, because having someone toxic in your life would not be good for your mental health. The ideal is to cut everything radically.

#4. Be indifferent

It does not mean that you are going to change your way of being or thinking, but that you must be indifferent to this situation and downplay it as much as possible.

There are many people and moments to enjoy that are more valuable than wasting your energy thinking about how badly that person acted with you.

Avoid focusing all your attention on that and you will feel much better.

#5. Do not answer him

Is he calling or writing you? We recommend that you do not answer or write to him for anything in the world. Again we fall into the same advice to be indifferent, but this time it would be with that person who used and left you.

Do not give importance to their communications and focus all your attention on your surroundings and what is happening with your life, all this is much more interesting than him or her.

In addition, this will help you determine also the interest that this person has in you or if they are simply clarifying their own doubts.

do not answer advice if I use you and then I leave you

# 6. Watch over your health and your interests

Something you should also do to forget the one who used and left you is to focus mainly on your goals, projects and interests, in addition to always ensuring your physical and mental well-being.

No one but you can focus all their attention on this and you should not give up in any situation.

Listen to yourself and determine what you want to be in this life.

# 7. Do not change

Having a person suddenly walk away from your life could be confusing, because you don’t know exactly if it’s because of something you did or because he has decided to simply leave without a trace.

Whatever the reason, You should not change anything about yourself that has to do with your personality or your way of thinking, unless you see fit.

If that person did not know how to value who you are, there are other people who can.

It should be noted that, no matter who it is, you should not change anything in your attitude because you think that they left for this reason. Raise your self esteem and love yourself.

# 8. Distract your mind

This is the most common recommendation they could tell you, but it is the most effective. Try to distract yourself with any activity or with things that make you feel totally good.

Do not shy away from going out with your friends or meeting new people, it will probably be difficult at first but little by little you can achieve it without effort.

Maybe eating ice cream or going out to the movies could help you clear your mind a bit.

There are also activities that you can do individually that would help you like doing exercises, learning a new language, among others.

because my ex boyfriend used me and left me later

How to prevent them from playing with my feelings again?

What you need to know after getting over that bad situation is to identify who might be wanting to play with you and how to avoid them. It should be noted that the first thing you should do is have confidence in yourself to achieve it.

  • First of all, you have to feel good about yourself to play someone who wants to play with your feelings.
  • Control and analyze the situation well with your mind and not with your heart.
  • Believe in your own strengths and don’t put yourself down.
  • Talk to the person you think is using you clarifying all aspects as best as possible.
  • Clarify all your feelings regarding this person and define what kind of relationship they want to have and how far they will go.
  • If you feel that this person is extremely toxic, what you should do first is to walk away completely.

Execute all these tips and recommendations that we give you so that you can completely overcome that toxic person who used and left you. Remember that you are someone who is worth much more than he did not know how to value.

We hope we have helped you with your query about Used me and left me and share this article on social media with the buttons just below.

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