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▷ What do I do if my ex-boyfriend asks me for his things, do I accept?

It may happen that one day the two of them came to formalize the relationship even more, decided to live together and confirm if they really were for each other. But the relationship ended and now you wonder What do I do if my ex-boyfriend asks me for his things.

The first thing that may cross your mind is that if your ex boyfriend has asked you for his things, it is because the breakup is serious, that now there is no turning back.

But this is not always the case, because I think that if you put yourself in their situation, You would also ask him to give you your things back. This is a very normal thing, my friend.

Therefore, here I will try to tell you what you should do, to at least think about recovering it later.

my ex asked me for his things

What should I do if my ex boyfriend asks me for his things

Give him his things

If you think that it would be best not to give your things to your ex boyfriend, because then he will have no choice but to return to your side, I just tell you to be very careful, because what you’re thinking is not good at all.

What I suggest in these cases is that if your ex boyfriend has asked you for his things, then you should agree to give them to him without putting so many buts on him.

Because the more you make yourself beg or the more obstacles you put, In time you’ll only start to kill what they felt for each other one day. Creating more problems will only push it further away.

Don’t be the bad guy in this story and give him back his things without so many excuses.

What do I do if my ex asks me for his things, I give them to him

You don’t have to be there when he arrives

Other things that you may ask yourself and you will not know what to do is whether you should talk to your ex boyfriend or not, to avoid problems.

If you think you should be there when looking for her things, the best thing is that they agree so that a day comes when for example you are working or something similar.

The simpler this whole process is, the better it will be.

If your ex comes one day when you are there and they have to talk, the best thing to do is to be as curt as possible, because you should not give him to understand that things between the two have ended well and that everything will return to normal.

Don’t humiliate yourself in front of your ex boyfriend

If your ex comes for his things and you are there, what you should avoid is humiliating yourself in front of your ex boyfriend, telling him not to do it, to give you another chance.

Avoid crying or begging him!

If doing this would help you get it back, believe me, I’d tell you to do it.

What to do if my ex wants to leave and asks me for his things

But since I know that everything can work against you, I do not advise you to do so. The best thing is to learn to control your emotions no matter how difficult it is.

Avoid setting up a scene in front of your ex, because not only will you put yourself in a difficult situation, but your ex partner will also feel very uncomfortable about your behavior.

Show him that you are a strong woman, and you will see how he will get a good concept of you.

Time will tell everything

To end this article, it only remains for me to say that not putting up any kind of resistance to turning things over to your ex boyfriend is the best thing you can do.

With the passing of the days you will realize if they can really still return or not.

But the fundamental idea in this article is to understand that you cannot tie up or blackmail your ex boyfriend with these situations. The best thing is to act by simple logic and show your ex that you are not a spiteful woman.

Because if you start making a tremendous scandal to the point that you prefer to throw away your ex boyfriend’s things instead of giving them to him, then you will be throwing the possibility of being able to get it back down the drain.

And I imagine this is what you want the least …

Be strong, my friend, I wish you the best in the world.

A hug!

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