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▷ What do I do to make my ex boyfriend miss me

When you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you can certainly do everything to get him back with you as quickly as possible. In this case, it is very common for you to ask yourself What do I do to make my ex boyfriend miss me.

Actually, in order to achieve this, you don’t need to make many changes, because you must be clear that in order to have this reaction from your ex boyfriend, he must know as little as possible about you.

In this article I will tell you what you can do to make your ex boyfriend miss you and return to your side.

How to make my ex boyfriend miss me

Careful what you do

In order to achieve may your ex boyfriend miss you, I think it is more than clear that you should be very, very careful in what you do after the breakup.

Because if when your ex breaks up with you you were only looking for him to be able to ask for an explanation, what you will achieve is that he ends up bored of you, and when you leave he will not miss you, but will give thanks to life because you finally stopped bothering him .

I want my ex to miss me

There will always be a time when you can make him miss you, and a time so that your ex doesn’t really want to know anything about you anymore.

If you want him to miss you, then try not to make mistakes or give him reasons not to want to hear from you, because this will undoubtedly be very bad to get him back.

Apply zero contact

It has been shown that very few people actually apply zero contact properly, because most people only do it when they do not get any results, and they think that this advice will save the relationship.

But before thinking that you should not apply this technique, you have to ask yourself the following:

What do you prefer?

  • You don’t know anything about your ex boyfriend for 30 days
  • Or not know anything about him for the rest of your life

Although this technique may not be able to give the expected results, it is a piece of advice that you must apply the next day your ex-boyfriend breaks up with you.

how to make my ex miss me

Because I have noticed that when you apply zero contact after the breakup, your ex boyfriend may be more open to being able to talk to you and everything can be given in a better way, and of course this is what is sought.

But when you bore your ex boyfriend with all that desperate woman stuff, and then you apply zero contact and then you look for it, then your ex will end up avoiding you.

The common thing will be that the things between the two can no longer be given.

So you decide whether to apply 30 days of zero contact so that your ex boyfriend misses you or if you bore him with your actions and in the end you lose him forever.

Lose yourself on social media

An extra tip that I can give you is that somehow stop using social networks for a long time. Yes you have your ex boyfriend added, it is best to stop using them for as long as you use the cer

But if your ex boyfriend deleted you or vice versa, you can continue using social networks, but try not to change your profile picture for a long time, because your ex seeing that you do not change it and not knowing anything about you, This will be good for me to miss you.

If you thought that now was the best time to be able to publish endless things on social networks, now you know that this is a tip that can also be a complete ideal in the face of zero contact.

don't use social media to make your ex boyfriend miss you

What are you doing to make your ex boyfriend miss you?

With just these 3 tips that you apply, believe me you can have great results with your ex boyfriend, and as I said at the beginning of this article, the secret is not to give your ex reasons not to want to know anything about you.

Because if you do then he can never miss you …

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