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▷ Why am I JEALOUS for my ex boyfriend (October

If it’s been a while since your relationship ended, but you’re starting to feel a little strange about that person when you see them with someone else, is when you ask yourself why am i jealous for my ex.

For many, it will seem quite common at the beginning of the relationship in case there are still feelings with him. However, below we will present some of the possible reasons that exist why you are feeling this.

Reasons why I’m jealous of my ex

These are the possible causes why you are beginning to feel jealous about attitudes or people that you are beginning to frequent.

1. You are insecure

This is very likely happening to you, because it is one of the most common cases that exist when women wonder why am i jealous for my ex.

It is also linked with low self-esteem that you are feeling, that you have thoughts like you are not enough for anyone else. You feel that jealousy because you think that if you couldn’t do it with him, no one can do it with anyone else.

Just as you also think that no one could notice you. However, it is something that is totally removed from reality and it is important that you understand it in order to move forward.

2. You have possessive attitudes

A behavior that is closely linked to jealousy is possessiveness and you may be one of those people who owns it. This is very common to happen, but it is one of the most toxic attitudes that exist.

It usually happens is when you have not yet overcome the break and you are being very affected by that. Based on this, you begin to feel that you cannot bear that this person is already redoing their love life without you.

These types of attitudes are not at all healthy for both you and your ex-partner, because they are behaviors where you manifest as if you want to control his life, so you always want to be aware of the places he frequents and who he sees .

I feel jealous for my ex boyfriend is common

3. Out of fear

Another factor that exists when you are jealous of your ex is that you have afraid of being alone. This is why you refuse to lose that person completely and replace them with someone else.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should be attentive because it could lead to you having other types of more serious feelings such as: insecurities, despair and sadness.

4. Still not over it

One of the most frequent is also that you are in a very unpleasant situation where You still haven’t gotten over the breakup or him. This happens most of the time when he is the one who has decided to finish it all.

Therefore, you may still have feelings for this person and you still have the need to be with him, see him or at least know a little about his life. And one thing you probably can’t stand is the fact that he’s already with someone else.

We are no longer dating but I feel jealous

Tips you should follow

If you have indeed clarified your doubt about why I am jealous for my ex, we will give you some recommendations that you should follow to overcome this type of situation.

  1. You must understand that you and he are individual persons, so you should not take away his freedom if the cause of jealousy is that you are a possessive person.
  2. It is important that you try overcome this heartbreak to accept the breakup and respect the decisions you are currently making.
  3. Avoid the negative thoughts and try to move on by yourself, maybe time will help you heal the wounds.
  4. A good tip to forget about it and avoid this unpleasant feeling is that focus on yourself and seek to distract yourself as best as possible.
  5. Try to do therapies to raise self-esteem and have much more confidence in yourself.
  6. Accept that the relationship is over and they will not be together again so you and him can continue with their lives without inconvenience.
  7. Do not go to be self-punishing nor much less to enclose the feelings you are having with respect to yourself and your sentimental situation.
  8. Avoid compare you with other people and try to list all the positive aspects that you have because this could help you raise your self-esteem a little more.

Why am I jealous for my ex boyfriend?

Possible risks of being jealous of your ex

Also, you should keep in mind that there are certain risks that may be occurring if you continue in that way.

One of the most common is when become pathological or unhealthy, so you realize that you can no longer control them for anything in the world. It is a time where not even you can override this feeling and you find yourself damaging yourself psychologically.

If you are going through this bad time, the best thing you should do is seek help from a professional to help you overcome all these jealousy issues that you may be feeling.

The best suited for these cases is the psychologist and there are lots of people who are willing to help people like you.

In addition, there is something that you must take into account as well and that is that many times this jealousy is due to attitudes that we acquire from society. That is to say, they convey to us that what happened is always the best and you will not be able to find something equal or that exceeds it.

And not only society, but also some films and series have shown us this type of situation as something normal, so one of the culprits is also these audiovisual resources.

I feel jealous for my ex

We hope this has helped you article about why I’m jealous of my ex and any questions you have, do not hesitate to leave them below in the comments.