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▷ Why do I feel jealous if we are nothing (Updated)

Feeling jealous is completely normal. However, when it happens with a person you are dating but they are not dating, you feel that it is not correct.

In that moment, you might wonder why do I feel jealous if we are nothing. For this reason, today we bring you the answer so that you can realize the reason for these feelings.

Why do we feel jealous

Many times, we think that the other person we are dating belongs to us. It’s ours. Of our property. Therefore, she owes us loyalty …

However, this thought is totally wrong. We should not think like that. This feeling of belonging is born from the insecurity or fear that we can sometimes feel about being abandoned by something that we consider about ourselves.

Another concept that is also linked to jealousy is envy, because you may be feeling envy for another person who is receiving more attention than you.

Why am I jealous if we are just friends

What does “we are nothing” mean

This term that has been taken colloquially in society that refers to not having a serious, sentimental or lasting relationship with someone for whom we feel some affection or affection.

This can encompass many situations such as friends, lovers, or simply platonic loves. However, as in any other situation, it is normal that you feel jealous at this time.

It is something that is closely related to the insecurities that you may be feeling at the moment, as well as sometimes it is related to toxic behaviors, but this happens when we do not control them properly.

Is it a show of love?

As mentioned above, many people have believed that jealousy is a kind of show of love, but it is totally false.

It is mixed with envy and frustration from observing or even imagining that he is giving his full attention to someone other than you.

Why am I jealous if we are nothing?

Why am I jealous if we are nothing?

Knowing all of the above, it is time for you to see the different situations for which you may be feeling this jealousy even if you are not officially dating.

#one. With friends with rights

If they are friends with rights, then it is a situation where they are obviously nothing more than a sexual partner.

Sometimes this can lead to involving your feelings a bit more. but you must understand that it does not mean that they are going to be a couple.

The reason you feel jealous may be due to two factors:

  • The level at which you engaged with that person will make you have this feeling.
  • You may be a person with some possessive attitudes that are in your personality and make you have this feeling of attachment.

I'm jealous even though we are nothing

#two. With acquaintances or friends

Now in case you are wondering why I feel jealous if we are nothing in a friendship relationship or with some known, this is a little different.

You may be feeling this because he or she has started a relationship and is giving more importance than friendship.

You may also be feeling this jealousy and you see it strange because you think you are feeling something for that friend or acquaintance. However, this does not always happen this way.

  • You can see that it is because you have the attitudes of possession and you do not want that friend or acquaintance to have more attention towards another individual than you.
  • You can also think that it is because you are feeling something more for that person and it makes you have this strange jealousy.

I feel jealous with my friend


  1. The first and most important thing to do is identify that you are jealous, because this can help you define the reason why you are feeling them.
  2. You must understand that nobody belongs to anybody, do not think that something is your property and that for that reason it must be loyal to you.
  3. Understand that jealousy is not justified, you must know how to control this type of feelings before acquiring any toxic behavior.
  4. Talk to the person to clarify your feelings well and determine where your relationship is currently. This will help you remove some of the insecurities that you are feeling..
  5. You can also read or watch some videos that have to do with techniques to achieve emotional independence and thus completely avoid attachment to this person completely.
  6. If you are friends, try to control your jealousy as much as possible as this could completely ruin the friendship.
  7. Do not hold back on feeling them, because this will not help you overcome them.
  8. Find the reason that best suits your situation when you are wondering why do I feel jealous if we are nothing.

We hope this article has helped you and that you have obtained some useful tips to consider in these cases. Do not forget to share this article on social networks so that more women like you can meet it. Thank you very much for visiting us!