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Because my husband stopped loving me

Whoever says that marriage is much easier than courtship, well is a person who knows absolutely nothing about how relationships work.

Because a marriage will always be much more difficult, to the point that now the highest divorce rates are handled, and all for not knowing how a marriage works.

When your husband tells you that he no longer loves you, or that I stopped loving you, well what you will have to do is analyze your relationship and life in retrospect, because only then can you draw conclusions about because your husband stopped loving you.

For some women the simple phrase I stopped loving It is usually very difficult to accept, but you must understand that a marriage not only survives on love, much less survives because now the two are already married and signed some papers that confirm it.

A marriage can end for many reasons friend, but even so this does not mean that a marriage has reached the end, but in many cases it can save a marriage and it can also be taken up with much more force.

In this article for now I will not talk about how to get a husband back if I stop loving you, but I will talk about the most common reasons why marriages often fail.

Because what interests me now is that you know why your marriage reached this point, because only then can you know what can you do to get your husband back.

My husband tells me that he no longer loves me. Why?

The marriage became monotonous

When you let the things of work, your children, family problems, as well as money, and other things absorb your share as a partner, you will reach a point where not even you can make sense of your relationship, and you will feel very lost.

When you’re only able to live the same day over and over again without doing anything, well it’s not hard at all to anticipate that a marriage is about to end.

I know very well that life is not enough to be able to have a perfect life, and thus do what you want when you want.

But at least you should try to prevent your marriage from stagnating, because if you let this happen, your marriage will fail, and all because your partner will get bored of not knowing what is happening in the marriage.

The emotional and sexual connection was lost

When the attraction factor dies in a marriage, everything is guaranteed that sooner or later the relationship will begin to have moments of crisis.

When with your partner they stop having sex, or in any case he no longer attracts you or vice versa, this friend is very bad, because they say that the emotional and sexual connection define the course of a marriage.

I can even tell you that sex is a pillar that can hold a marriage togetherBut when these ingredients are lost, then your husband will no longer see you as a woman, but now he will only see you as the woman with whom he now shares his days and nothing else.

If you recognize that your marriage took a nosedive when affection or attraction stopped, then It is very common for your husband to tell you that he no longer loves you.

Problems ruined your marriage

Marriages will always be vulnerable to problems that have to do with the family, even a misunderstanding can cause problems in the relationship, and the third world war can be started.

But when in your marriage now they only spend it like cats and dogs, that is, they spend it stripping every day, in the same way, friend, this can condemn your marriage in the end.

Never believe that problems are common in a marriage, because they are not, because they only destroy a marriage.

If in your case they went through a lot of problems, then never expect your husband to continue seeing you as the woman of his life, because everything that happens in a marriage affects a relationship for better or for worse.

But problems of course only do one thing, and destroy a marriage.

Why did your husband leave you and love?

For now, just talk about 3 reasons that are the most common, which greatly influence when a relationship ends.

I hope that now if you are clear because your husband stopped loving you, and now you have much clearer what you must do to save your marriage, which is the most important thing.


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