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Do social networks affect a relationship? Yes or no?

Social networks in a couple relationship if limits are not set, will undoubtedly be very toxic, and this is not something I am inventing, but it is something that has been proven, and if you want to know if it really social networks affect a relationship, Then you are in the right place.

Because you must understand that, if social networks have caused you a problem with a family member or friend, then this can also be very common when we talk about a relationship.

Because social networks are not only useful to be able to have contact with your family and friends, but it can also be useful for your partner to be unfaithful, and this is something that you will always have to keep in mind.

And that’s why in this article I will tell you, how social networks affect a relationship, so let’s get started.

How social media affect a relationship

Privacy is lost

One of the very curious data that has been shown in recent years is how many couples before social media existedThey valued much more the places where, for example, a photo was taken.

Nowadays, publishing photos to let the world know where they are, has become very common, that we no longer know the meaning of intimacy in a relationship.

And although this at first glance can be something very normal, you must understand that the two as a couple have to treasure all those moments that they spend together, but if you think that by publishing it on your social networks you will make the moment unforgettable, just let me tell you that the moment will become one of the bunch.

It can only create problems

A simple like or a comment can be interpreted in different ways, and if in this case it bothers you that your boyfriend comments on other women’s posts, then this in the relationship can generate several problems.

Or in any case the opposite can happen, because it can be your boyfriend Who can ask you for an explanation about a publication, or a like that you have given to a photo or comment.

In reality, it is very difficult not to have any kind of problem with your partner, because of social networks, because you are exposed to everyone interpreting what you post and what you do in their own way.

And I’m sure that, on more than one occasion, they have had a discussion because of social networks, and of course this is just one of the many negative points of social media in a relationship.

You will not enjoy the company of your partner

I have come to know several relationships of friends, that when they are together in some way the two know that they should not be aware of social networks, because they recognize that that moment is only between them.

But it may be the case where either you or your partner, no will be able to detach from social networks, and going out for a drink will be very uncomfortable, because your partner will not be able to pay you the attention you want, and as always this can only cause problems.

If your relationship has not set limits, and when you go somewhere you can both dive into your cell phones without problem, this will eventually be very bad.

The conversation will no longer be personal

I think that on more than one occasion we have gone through that uncomfortable moment where our partner may have lost us a favor, or told us something that is important to him, but because he is talking to more than one person on social networks, he does not we pay the necessary attention.

And this is very bad, because when you talk to your partner on any social network, you can never be fully focused in the conversation with your boyfriend.

This is something that happens to everyone today, so don’t think it’s something that has only happened to you.

I hope this article helps you understand that social networks if they can keep you away from your partner, and somehow setting rules on how to use it in the relationship will be important.

Do not forget to leave me your comment or your concern.

A hug.