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False concepts of love that you should know

Although it seems impossible, but currently there are several false concepts of love that many people adapt to their relationship, and this in the end is not your fault, because somehow the media has sold all these concepts to us.

And of course they have never taught us how does a relationship work, and perhaps that is why we failed on this particular issue. And I will talk about this today, about the false concepts of love that you must know.

Otherwise you can be a woman who will only have bad experiences in her romantic relationships, and if you are prepared, then we are going to what interests us.

What are the false concepts of love

The years DO NOT make a relationship solid

Unfortunately, the years do not help a relationship, in fact the years can play against a relationship, because as the years go by it is very common for the attraction to die, and for the relationship to lose meaning.

And that is why at present very high divorce statistics are handled, and the longer a relationship lasts, the two of you will have to make an effort to ensure that this attraction does not die in both of you.

I do not know if you know, but there are people who believe that having a relationship of several years this practically makes it an exemplary relationship, but I think that the opinion of your partner matters much more, because if she is only by your side because is afraid of ending the relationship, then the relationship is not exemplary.

So you already know that relationships are not like wine, that is to say that with the passing of the years it will be much better.

Love doesn’t last a lifetime

Joaquín Sabina says that there are eternal loves that last as long as a winter lasts, and this makes a lot of sense, because it can happen to you or in any case it can happen to your partner, who when waking up one day can realize that things between two have died.

When you start a relationship, you must accept that love is something that won’t last a lifetimeBut, as I said above, love is something that is built over the years, and it is not something that remains intact.

If you want have a perfect relationship, then never let your relationship stay stagnant, because if this happens, practically the relationship already has an anticipated end.

For love you don’t have to stop being who you are

Something curious that usually happens in almost all relationships is that one of the two in the relationship tries to change their partner, and that is why it is very common that when a friend starts a new relationship, you realize that in time you will no longer be the same person.

And this is very bad, because we have been told that to be able to love a person You must give yourself body and soul, but what you don’t know is that when you become dependent on your partner, and do everything he says, over time your attractiveness will begin to disappear.

Do not be one of the people who believe that in order to have a perfect relationship you must give up your dreams, hobbies, family and friends. Because if you do, over time you will feel very lonely.

There is no perfect match

Another of the greats false concepts of love, is that somehow we begin to idealize a person, to the point of looking for a partner who has characteristics that no person has in this world.

Do not be one of the people who demand a lot from a person because, just as you demand a lot from a man, I believe that you must also have a lot to offer

But the clear concept here is that there is no perfect couple, and I think that what makes a person interesting are their imperfections, as well as everything that makes a person unique.

Don’t go through life looking for perfection, because you may never find it.

I hope that this advice as always is useful to you, and now you understand a little better how a true relationship works.

A hug.

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