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My boyfriend is very jealous. What can I do?

A man by nature can be very jealous, but there will always be men who will take this type of action to extremes, and it will be very difficult to have a healthy relationship. And if you ask yourself now What do I do if my boyfriend is very jealous, then here I will tell you what you can do.

Because there are certain tips that can help the relationship work as it should, and not have to go through very uncomfortable moments, when your boyfriend starts to doubt where you are and who you are with.

Because if the two of you do nothing to overcome this type of test, then I assure you that sooner or later the relationship will fail, and that is why taking action on the matter will be the best.

Because my boyfriend is very jealous

One of the topics that are known about why a man is very jealous, it may be because your partner is very insecure of himself, that is, he may have that irrational fear that you may fall in love with another man from one day to the next.

And that’s why knowing where you are and who you are with can cause your boyfriend to experience some kind of jealousy.

This can also happen when your boyfriend does not trust you, perhaps your boyfriend has a certain distrust of you because of something that happened between the two of you, or perhaps you are too beautiful for him to imagine that wherever you go there will always be men shortening you.

But all this can be easily solved, when you make it clear to your boyfriend that jealousy is very bad for a relationship, and in the end your relationship will not fail because you fall in love with another man, but will end because your boyfriend can’t control his jealousy.

What do I do if my boyfriend is very jealous

Tell him that jealousy is very bad

Of the cases that are known about jealousy, it is that they can make a relationship very toxic, because, although you do not want to accept it every time your boyfriend experiences jealousy the two will end up arguing.

And this will eventually start to wear down the relationship until it reaches a point of no return where the relationship will no longer be saved.

The best thing is that you talk to your boyfriend, and tell him that what he does is very wrong and that it is something that bothers you, and that you hate that, given any insecurity from him, the two end up arguing.

You somehow have to do your part, and if your boyfriend changes his behavior or not, then at least you already have more than clear that you did what you should do.

So talk to your boyfriend, and I hope he recognizes that his jealousy is unfounded.

Give him no more reasons

One of the things that I have also noticed lately, is that many women say that they hate that their boyfriend is jealous, but there are women who give a lot of material to their partner to make him very jealous.

If you are now engaged to a man, then you must recognize that certain things in your life will also change, but if you continue to act as if you have no boyfriend, and lead a single life, then this I think any man would mind.

If in this case there are certain things that bother your boyfriend, and that you end up doing them, I think it is best to avoid them, of course I do not mean that you should stop living for your boyfriend, but at least you must recognize that having a partner some things they must change.

Show him that he’s the only man

One of the tips that can give you very good results, and that can be useful to nurture the trust between the two, is that you be affectionate and retailer with your boyfriend, because only in this way will he know that you love him, and only then can he eliminate all those doubts about the relationship.

If you are not given this to show what you feel for a man, perhaps this may be the origin of all this problem. Apply this advice and you will see that everything will change.

Show him that you are different

A man can also become very jealous, when in some way he has had very bad experiences with his past relationships, and there are men who live with certain ghosts of his ex girlfriend and will carry the rest of his life.

You must make it more than clear that you are not his ex girlfriend and that between her and you there is an abysmal difference. Because only in this way will your ex boyfriend be able to eliminate all those doubts about women.

Apply these tips and I hope things improve in your relationship.

A hug.