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My boyfriend makes me feel lonely and I think he doesn’t love me anymore

They say that there is no worse thing in life than having a partner, and still feeling lonely, and this is something that can happen to anyone, when somehow things in the relationship have changed drastically, and if You want to know why my boyfriend makes me feel lonelyHere I will tell you what may be happening.

Because if something is common in a relationship, it is knowing that you will have someone to share your concerns, or in any case to be supportive so that the two as a couple can have a much more solid relationship.

And if in this case your partner is the one who is not very interested in the relationship, perhaps it is because something is happening, and this is something you must find out to understand why your boyfriend behaves that way.

So let’s get to it.

My boyfriend makes me feel lonely. Doesn’t he love me anymore?

How long has the relationship lasted

It is given that in a couple relationship It is usually very common for things to decrease in intensity over time, that is to say that over time your boyfriend may also not give you the same importance, which only tells us that the relationship is not as strong as it is believed.

If your relationship is one of those that has lasted more than 3 years, you may feel lonely knowing that I could not count on your partner because when you ask for his help or tell him something, he will not pay you the attention you want.

And if we are a little more realistic on this issue, then it may happen that your boyfriend no longer feels the same about you, and that is why he has tended to change his attitude with you.

You demand a lot in the relationship

Another point that must also be mentioned is that many times we as women we ask a lot in a relationship, and worst of all is that we are not used to paying with the same currency, because we believe that as a couple he should help you in everything.

But if you are one of the women who always seek the help of your boyfriend when faced with anything you face, and you always annoy him, then your boyfriend can also reach a point where he will only feel used.

And when you only look for him for insignificant things, then over time your boyfriend will not even be able to believe what you say, because he knows that you are looking for him for anything.

I hope that you are not one of the women who only sees in her boyfriend a person who solves problems, because your boyfriend can get bored that you only use him or always bother him for some reason.

Your boyfriend is always busy

Another point that can lead you to feel lonely is how many times your boyfriend will put certain insignificant things before you, and will avoid going with you to things that are of great importance to you.

Maybe it may be that your boyfriend is a very immature man, and prefer to go out with your friends or stay at home to play video games, when you need your boyfriend in some way.

And this is usually very bad, because when your boyfriend makes this mistake, without a doubt this will eventually disappoint you, you will believe that he does not love you.

Although it can also happen that your boyfriend does have a commitment that prevents being with you, and in this situation without a doubt what you should do is understand it, and differences when he does not want to be with you.

What do I do if my boyfriend makes me feel lonely

The best thing you can do in these cases without a doubt is talk to your boyfriend and explain what bothers you, and beware that it should be a conversation as calm as possible, because if you go with heavy weapons just to be able to claim him, the outcome will be very bad.

Tell your boyfriend that you don’t feel his support when you need it most, you don’t know if things are really serious between them or not, because apparently their actions show that they don’t love you.

Now if you recognize that the relationship has become monotonous, or that your boyfriend is immature, then making changes will be necessary.