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My ex boyfriend always ignores me. Why does he do it?

It is known that a relationship does not always end in a good way. In several cases, it may end so badly that your ex-boyfriend won’t think of talking to you, because you’re not the only woman wondering because my ex boyfriend always ignores me, but cases like these exist too many.

In this article I will try to reveal to you the most common reasons that I have come to know, which can give you a starting point to know if your ex boyfriend really ignores you because he is proud or does it because he does not feel ready to talk to you.

Because my ex boyfriend always ignores me

Everything is very recent

If your relationship ended a few days ago and you think it is possible to have the most pleasant conversation in the world with your ex, this is something that will never happen.

Because if your ex-boyfriend answers you, it’s a great advance, but if you think you can talk to him how you did before, you should know that your relationship ended and that things have to change.

I wanted to talk about this issue because if they cut a few days ago, so it’s not at all strange that your ex always ignores you.

The best thing you can do is use zero contact, or in any case know that what you are doing is wrong.

Because if you don’t do something now so as not to overwhelm him, then as the days go by you will see how he will ignore you more and more …

You want to avoid uncomfortable questions

When you are looking for your ex boyfriend without having a positive response, he will know what you are looking for, because it is more than normal for you to call him or send him a message once a week, for example.

But when you obsess and look for it several times a week, then your ex boyfriend will always ignore you.

Do not be one of the desperate women who look for their ex partner to see if they can return, because this is very annoying.

If the roles changed, I think it would bother you if your ex-boyfriend always called you. It is not true?

Now you have the option to change things and leave a good time to look for your ex boyfriend, because this will be useful so that in the future he wants to talk to you.

But if you can’t stop looking for it, then you won’t be getting it back, but just be losing it more and more every day.

Record this and maybe you will stop looking for your ex boyfriend as a obsessed woman.

He knows he shouldn’t talk to you

I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying that a person can offer you a hand and you can take his elbow.

Your ex boyfriend may feel that a call or message from you he answers, can lead to you ship it more and more every day, thinking that everything is fine between the two.

If your ex boyfriend ignores you now, maybe he does it because he knows that the best thing for both of you at this moment is that they do not have any type of communication.

When your ex knows you like the back of his hand, then he will know that you will never stop looking for him and will prefer to be firm in his decision, instead of having to talk to you.

When a man ends a relationship he also needs time to think. If you don’t give him this time to at least miss you a little bit, then he can never have that need to hear from you.

Gift your absence

If you had a time machine and could know your future, you might realize that looking for your ex boyfriend without having full control of what you do is a big mistake.

But since now you just want to get it back without being aware of your mistakes, then you can say that you don’t give a damn what can happen.

If every time you look for your ex boyfriend he always ignores youWhat other signs do you want to know that he doesn’t want to talk to you, at least for now?

In this type of case, it is best to get away from your ex completely, or at least until you are clear about what to do …

The best thing for now will be to give him your absence …

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