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My husband says he doesn’t love me anymore

Many women write to me privately with this question: My husband doesn’t love me anymore. What can I do? Therefore, in this article we will develop this topic in depth.

The downside of marriages is that they have never told us what the ingredients are needed for it to survive for life.

Of course, everything can get complicated when after 10 or 25 years of marriage things fade, to the point that they no longer see each other as husband and wifeInstead, they seem like two friends who have no other choice but to stay together.

Believe me, after several years of marriage your husband tells you that he no longer loves you is normal, but the abnormal arises when you believe that things between the two no longer have a solution.

One of the negative points of marriage is that despite knowing that things are wrong, neither of you as a couple do what it takes to make things change.

This happens because there are many couples who believe that by having married the relationship you are more than assured, so fighting to save it becomes illogical.

If now you want to know what kinds of things you can do to get your husband back, here I will give you some tips on what to do when your husband no longer loves you that can be very useful.

my husband says he loves me but he doesn't love me

What to do when your husband no longer loves you

One of the things that I have seen in many women is that they believed that their marriage was perfect until one day her husband told her that everything was not the same.

It was up to that point where they realized that things were not right …

Generally, friend, to know what you should change or how you can regain the love of your husband, you just have to analyze your marriage to see what things were failing.

If your marriage suffers from any of the following problems:

  • Bad sexual connection
  • Bad communication
  • Bad economic stability

Then we could say that they are only fighting for the couple to survive, instead of enjoying the relationship and enjoying being together.

my husband doesn't love me

I am completely sure that you will agree with me on these issues, in that your marriage for several months or years the sexual connection disappeared, or that for several months or years you have never had a good conversation as a couple.

As I said above, I don’t know why all marriages lose their magic or forget the reasons why they are together.

If things no longer make sense to your husband, then you should analyze what exactly happened between the two of you, and what things you can do to make things really make sense.

If things have gotten too monotonous, a good idea would be to find a couples therapist, so that it is this expert on this subject who helps them to find themselves again.

my husband doesn't love me anymore

My husband says he loves me but he doesn’t love me. Can I get it back?

If you want to save your marriage, then in these cases you should try to improve so that your husband realizes that things between the two have a solution.

It only remains for the two of them to work on their marriage, so that everything is as before again.

As I said above, they must first identify what problem they have in order to solve it later.

  • If there is bad communication, they should try to relate better, ask themselves how they are, how they were while they worked, and so on.
  • If there is little sexual connection, it is best to try to find moments to be alone and relive the passion that was at the beginning.
  • If you are having money problems, you may be able to visit a financial planner for help. They could also reduce expenses and create new sources of income.

what to do when your husband no longer loves you

My husband says he loves me but he doesn’t love me

If your husband tells you that he loves you and you still live together, then everything indicates that between the two of you things can be solved. You must put yourself to work to improve your marriage.

Instead, yes He has left home and has told you that he no longer loves you, then the situation gets complicated, because this makes it clear that the decision he has made is more solid and it may take you a little longer to recover.

With the latter, my goal is not to discourage you, but I try to be as honest as possible to explain everything to you as adults.

My role here is to tell you that recovering your husband’s love is not impossible. All you have to do is improve or work on all the weaknesses that your relationship has.

Even if you are going through this situation, it does not mean that you are a bad wife or that things between the two of you no longer have a solution. Recovering it will always be possible, but for that you must know in depth your relationship and why what is happening is happening, as I mentioned above.

Finally, there is one last alternative. That your husband told you that he no longer loves you because he is in love with another woman. Here in this case, the only thing I can tell you, my friend, is that you take courage, because the fault that the relationship has failed is your husband’s and not yours.

If things between your husband and his lover are serious, you will always have to ask yourself the question whether it is really worth getting it back or not.

I hope you are not one of the women who goes through a situation like this last one that I just mentioned, yesnot that things in your marriage are not so complicated, that everything can be solved just by making a few changes in your lifestyle.

Remember that analyzing your relationship as much as possible is necessary, because only then can you clarify all those doubts that I imagine you have so far. Take your time and you will see how you were drowning in a glass of water.

I hope this article on My husband says he doesn’t love me anymore. Share it on social networks that many women may be looking for the same solution!

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