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Why don’t I want to have children with my partner (Tips)

Being parents is a decision that must be made by both parties of a couple, but this becomes a problem when your boyfriend or husband wants to be and you don’t. Many times, that’s when you ask yourself the question why I don’t want to have children with my partner.

Next, we will give you a brief explanation of each of the reasons why you may not want to have children and we will also explain how to avoid any conflict in your relationship.

I do not want to have children with my partner – Causes

There are many reasons why you may be having this thought. Below we will detail the main causes of why you do not want to have children with your partner.

#one. You feel like you’re not ready

It is one of the most common reasons why women decide not to have a child. This reason also covers other aspects:

  • You feel that you are not mature enough to become a mother
  • You think that you could not provide a good quality of life for that child
  • You are in a bad economic situation
  • You feel that you can spend little time
  • Insecurities with your partner
  • You think your partner is not ready

children couple I do not want to have

#two. You already have children and you don’t want to have more

You may find yourself in the situation where you already have a child or several with another partner, so you are already at a stage where you have overcome that experience of being a mother.

For this reason, you may just want to focus all your energies on the children you already have and your current partner, or you just don’t want to have more.

#3. You think that you will no longer be free

Many women feel this constantly when they think of the idea of ​​having a child with their partner. They feel like they are taking away their privilege of freedom.

They think that by having them they will have less time for themselves because they are aware that they will have an enormous responsibility when they become a mother.

Not only is it visualized in aspects that can be involved with your personal life, but you could also be thinking that It will take time to enjoy certain moments with your partner.

#4. You don’t see a future in your relationship

Another possible cause for your question about why I don’t want to have children with my partner could be that you really do want to have them, but not precisely with the person you are currently with.

You may be thinking that in the relationship you are currently in there may be an early breakup, they have unresolved problems or you simply do not feel that security to form a life with him.

I don't want to have children with my partner

Recommendations to overcome this situation

Making the decision not to have children with your partner can have some consequences or possible risks for your relationship. You should know that this can affect your partner if he does want to have a child with you.

For this reason, below we bring you some recommendations that can be useful to cope with this situation.

  1. Speak clearly with your partner about all your decisions, thoughts and feelings on this topic.
  2. Think and reflect well what is the decision you want to make for your future. It is important that you do not do anything that you do not want. You should not be forced by your partner at any time.
  3. Also analyze your situation with your partner. Perhaps, as we mentioned above, you do want to have children but not with your current partner. Based on that, you can also decide whether or not it is right to continue with it.
  4. Do not delude your partner by telling him that for now you do not want to have children, when you are sure you don’t want to have children. In this way, you are creating false expectations and could make the situation worse.
  5. Try not to involve third parties because you could cause problems in the relationship. Similarly, avoid letting your thoughts or decisions be influenced by someone else.
  6. If you want to have children later, and you are sure of it, try to reach an agreement with your partner to wait for the right time to plan.
  7. Don’t try to force yourself to change your mind to make your partner feel better.Because if it’s something you don’t want right now, it would cause problems later.
  8. You must be completely honest with him and never hide what your intentions are.

I don't want to have more children

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