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Why My Ex Hates Me – FIND OUT (October

Ending a relationship with a person who you thought could be the love of your life is quite painful, especially if that person to whom you gave great importance begins to treat you with contempt.

It is common to have those kinds of doubts about Why does my ex hate me in these situations, because many times you may not know why.

For this reason, we bring you below some of the possible causes for which you are being treated that way.

Top reasons why your ex hates you

Here are some possible reasons why your ex may be upset with you. We hope they help you solve your question about why my ex hates me.

1. Out of envy

It can be one of the most common causes out there and especially when it comes to a person who has that characteristic of being envious. Besides, it may be happening even if the relationship ended a while ago.

It is usually because he is jealous and envious of how you are doing in your life currently, either because you have a new partner and you are doing better than with him or because you have progressed quite professionally and he has not yet.

It is a very sad situation and many times it is because the person feels with very low self-esteem and insecurities.

my ex hates me i do advice

2. For pride

One of the most common reasons people wonder why does my ex hate me? is that has his ego totally hurt and I’m acting that way for pride.

It may be for the same reason they broke up or simply because you broke up and that could have greatly affected their self-esteem.

3. They ended recently

One of the other reasons may be that the breakup was very recent and especially when he didn’t want to end the relationshipBut you did it anyway

This is something that can have him totally hurt and confused, so he begins to act with that form of contempt towards you.

In addition to the fact that depending on when talking about a terminated relationship, it is translated into a loss, so sometimes this manifests as a kind of grief that must be overcome in order not to have that hatred for you.

In every duel there is always one anger and annoyance phase, so it is totally normal if your ex partner is going through it.

because my ex hates me

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4. is in shock

Another possible cause is that he is having such a bad time that is completely in a state of shock where it only manifests as contempt or hatred for you.

Chances are, if the reason you broke up has to do with something on your part, he may be quite sad.

It may also happen that it is because you broke up with him and he may have had other plans with you for the future because of how in love he was with you. It’s like a kind of refusal to lose you.

Many times this is manifested in that way, with hatred and especially if it is about people who do not usually express their feelings fully.

my ex hates me

5. There was an infidelity

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons and why and even he would have a grudge against you if you you were the one who committed the infidelity.

Aside from being the main cause they broke up for, it’s also one for me to be hating you.

It should be noted that they also act in this way because their ego is obviously damaged, because they feel a great disappointment towards you and that they feel that there was no kind of respect from you.

Therefore, if you were unfaithful, so it’s normal that your ex is hating you.

he hates me because I was unfaithful

My ex hates me – what should I do

Next, we recommend that you follow a series of tips that we have for you to overcome that bad situation that you must be feeling at the moment.

  1. You must completely disassociate yourself from him. It is not healthy that you are suffering from the bad attitudes that your ex is taking, so it is best that you stay away from him completely and more if he is still looking for you to recriminate you.
  2. Apologize If it was your fault that they ended the relationship and that is the reason why he is hating you. If you ask for his forgiveness, you would be starting to help him heal his internal wounds and you can feel much calmer.
  3. Try to talk to him. This might work if you both want to make amends; however, you can try to take the first step yourself and see if they can solve those differences that they have. It does not mean that they will return to the relationship, but they will both be much calmer.
  4. Give him his space and time so that he can mourn calmly, especially if he feels hurt by you. As this time passes, he may be the person he was before and not treating you with contempt.
  5. Get over it and show him that you did. This could help in the sense that you show him that you don’t have any grudges with him and that you are over him. It is a very mature attitude that he will be able to see and avoid his hatred of you.
  6. Do not give too much importance. As much as that person has been so special in your life, you should not consume all your energy on a person who still has contempt for you.

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